Episode #0018 - "The 2016 Snow-verview"

Episode #0018 - "The 2016 Snow-verview"

On this week's show Jimmy, Becky, and Joel take a walk down the memory lane of significant weather events in 2016, of which Snowzilla is the most memorable. It was also a year full of flood events, both tropical and non-tropical in nature. We take a look ahead to 2017 and how La Nina might shape the weather in the coming year. 


Show Notes!

Topic: The weather of 2016-year in review + La Nina

Our predictions for 2017:

  1. Jimmy says its the year of fog
  2. Becky is skeptical and wants data

Winter 2016-2017 season snowfall predictions for nearest reporting station: 

  • Joel says Dulles 42”
  • Jimmy says Dulles 36”
  • Becky says Penn State 38”

Princess Leia' Life Day Song from the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Debbie Reynolds sings "Good Mornin'" in Singing In The Rain




Episode #0017 - "2016 Tornado Season Review"

Episode #0017 - "2016 Tornado Season Review"

On this week's show Jimmy, Becky, and Joel welcome back Katie Wheatley as well as a new guest, Ian Livingston to recap the 2016 Tornado season. We talk about how El Nino affected tornadoes in the US this year, how this year compares to previous years, and what the biggest outbreaks were.  We also have brief follow-up on coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef as well as news that GOES-R is now GOES-16.


Show Notes!


Topic: The 2016 Tornado Season

Episode #0016 - "It's GOES-R, Not Gozer"

Episode #0016 - "It's GOES-R, Not Gozer"

Episode #0015 - "The After-Matthew"

Episode #0015 - "The After-Matthew"

On this week's show, our intrepid trio discuss the recent Hurricane Matthew. We review how the storm was forecasted, the impact it made on Haiti, Cuba, the Bahamas, and the United States. 


Show Notes!


Topic: The aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

Gifs we mentioned in the show:

Episode #0014 - The Storms of the Century

Episode #0014 - The Storms of the Century

On this episode, we begin a deep-dive on some of the most devastating hurricanes (officially-named storms only) of the last century. From Camille in '69 to Sandy in '12 (that's a weird way to write that), we look at the impacts these storms had on human life, our economy, governance, emergency response, and the culture. This one's less goofy than other one's we've done, but there's some damn-fine analysis and Wikipedia reading going on. Also, Becky explains why these storms behaved the way they did, and since she knows what she's talking about, you'll probably learn a lot!


Small topics, News, & Follow-up:

Astrological vs Meteorological Seasons

  • Joel thinks Astrological seasons are stupid and we should all just agree to follow Meteorological seasons.
  • Jimmy thinks Joel is anti-galaxy. 

Heavy Rain Event in D.C. Region Wednesday - Friday

  • DC Metro area, and parts of the east coast are in a rain deficit over the last couple of months.
  • This event has the potential to make up a lot of that rain shortfall
  • Potential flooding if the event verifies on the larger side of what the models are estimating

Tropical Storm Matthew

  • The track of the storm has a lot of potential for strengthening.
  • Should continue west until this weekend and then make a turn to the north.
  • Question is: Will it turn sooner, and hit Haiti, or will it turn later, miss Jamaica and hit Cuba (and then Florida later on)

Main Topic: Most “Impactful” Hurricanes in modern history

Hurricane Camille

Hurricane Hugo

Hurricane Raymond

Hurricane Hazel

Hurricane Andrew

Hurricane Isabel

Hurricane Ivan 

Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Rita

Hurricane Wilma

Hurricane Sandy

“The Semi-Hospitable Beach House and You” by Jimmy Marks

Closing music: "Hurricane" from the musical Hamilton