This week we talk about Tornados! What are they? How do they form? Do they have Sharks in them? We're joined once more by Becky Elliott, who explains Tornados to us, and how they work.

Show Notes!


Tornados: a Primer

How do tornadoes form

The F-scale


The Feb. 26 Tornado in Tidewater VA

  1. Tornado’s aren’t just in the plains...

  2. National Weather Service Review of this event

  3. The path

  4. The damage

  5. Jimmy’s first and third-hand accounts of the destruction

  6. What to do in the event of a Tornado


The "evil meteorologist convoy" from Twister (look at that GMC RV in the back!!!)

Outro music, "Shania Twain - No One Needs To Know" from the Twister Soundtrack.

(Apparently the music video was shot in the house that you saw in the movie Twister that they "aunt"(?) lived in).

Photo credit: "GPM's 3-D View of Storm's Moisture From the Atlantic Ocean" from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.