On this week's show we discuss the four day severe weather outbreak from earlier last week as well as what YOU should do in the event of a tornado warning. Jimmy is out this week, so Becky and Joel review a blog post she wrote in early 2015 covering the topic of tornado safety. We also cover the discussion that popped up this week related to the old vs new method for rating tornado severity and highlight a number of intense videos from the past week's storms.

Show Notes!

Introductions - Jimmy is out this week at a conference and was unable to co-host - so its just Becky and Joel.

Topic: Tornado Safety

Scary Tornado Videos From This Outbreak

Also, after we finished recording this episode, USTornados.com did a big writeup specifically about the Katie, OK Tornado.

This week's outro music was "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) by Dead or Alive.