On this week's episode, Becky's husband Dan DePodwin joins us to discuss historical cold snaps like the one we just experienced. 

Show Notes!

Devastation of the FL Citrus Crop in 1894/1895


December 29 1984 (18 Orlando; 24 West Palm)

1899 Cold Snap


Official Monthly Weather Review from the Weather Bureauhttps://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/sites/default/files/attachments/Monthly-Weather-Review-February-1899.pdf

  • February 13th

  • TLH -2F w/snow + capitol snowball fights

  • MIA sub 30 (29) - only recorded a lower temperature twice

  • Lexington, VA 70”; only a few hours drive away :)

  • Port of NO completely frozen causing significant economical challenges

  • Partially responsible for recession in June to 1901

  • Virginia (6th coldest February on record)

  • -3 Richmond

  • -12 Alexandria

  • Frost in Cuba

1936 Cold and Heat

February 1936 - Coldest Feb on record, narrowingly beating 1899.

The average temperature in Devils Lake for a five-week period ending Feb. 21, 1936 was -21. McIntosh, S.D., hit -58, Jordan, Mont. -60 and Sceptre, Sask., -63.

The Minot Daily News reported on Feb. 17, 1936, that “the cold spell that has brought sub-zero weather for 46 days will hold sway” for a few more days. According to the NWS Minot averaged 32 degrees below normal throughout February 1936. Relief came in the form of temperatures ranging from -10 to -20, or 50 to 60 degrees less than what the Minot area has been experiencing this winter.

121 degree record experienced in ND on July 6 (Steele, ND). - http://www.minotdailynews.com/news/local-news/2016/02/1936-coldest-winter-ever/

Followed by one of the most extreme summers on record.

  • 5000 deaths

  • Some low temps above 90

  • 100 degrees on 8 consecutive days at Midway



1985 Cold Wave


Coldest morning (-18) in Pittsburgh since 1899.


1986 Challenger Disaster


Cold Wave: - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cold_wave