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Episode #0001 - "The Niño!"


Episode #0001 - "The Niño!"

Joel and Jimmy kick off the series with an episode about El Niño, that mysterious shift in warm ocean water that drives the whole planet bonkers every 2(ish) to 7(ish) years. They reflect on tiny changes and big effects, as well as how weather science (and science in general) is often a coin flip; heads is disaster, tails is disappointment.

Also: will we have a white Christmas? (Spoiler: for most of you, probably not)

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Jimmy and Joel are both on the Internet, a series of tubes that good people use to do honest work and that bad people use to troll teenagers who do makeup tutorials on YouTube. 

Show Notes!


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El Niño and the Galápagos from (we forgot to talk about this in the show, but there is some very cool information here. Check it out).

By one measure, this wicked El Niño is the strongest ever recorded: What it means by Capital Weather Gang (Check out the video in this post - only takes about 3 minutes to watch but does a very good job of giving you a quick, high level explanation of El Niño).

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US Drought Monitor Website

El Nino brings 2nd venomous sea snake to California beaches from the Oregonian (another item we forgot to cover. Still, cool though so check it out).