"Ice Station Housman," the Theme Song

It's the song of the (astronomical, not meteorological) summer! The new theme for Ice Station Housman is here and you can listen to it, you lucky dog you. 

The song came out of a morning in our office kitchen, when the idea of a rockin', Beach Boys-style theme song came swirling into my brain. I scribbled down the lyrics, recorded a rough track into my phone, then set about figuring out the instrumentation. 

The final track has some computer-generated drum loops; me on vocals, guitar, ukulele and hand-claps; and a pleasant roll of thunder at the end (to remind you how we get down at the Station). 

If you're some sort of music genius and want to help me sand down some of the edges, please let me know. And feel free to record your own version, if you have the chops!

Something's Gone Wrong...

Joel's time-distortion chamber seems to have sprung a leak. A new episode coming just as soon as Joel returns to being a grumpy not-that-old man.

While we're going through a cold snap, some news about heat waves...

The New York Times ran a story a day or so ago about the advances we've made in predicting heat waves. In a country where day-to-day high temps can range from the comfortable-yet-warm low 80s to the dangerously hot 110s, accurately predicting and preparing for heat waves is important for the public's health. Tack on the fact that global climate change is driving average temps in the summer ever-higher and you have a real reason to want to see these anomalies coming. 

From that article: 

From 1999 to 2010, about 620 people died each year, on average, from heat-related illness in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Some heat waves have been especially lethal, like the one in Chicago in 1995 when more than 700 people, most of them old or infirm, died over five days.



Cold never bothered him anyway.

Our first-ever guest (and one of the driving voices behind the creation of Ice Station Housman), Tiffany Arment, created this masterpiece. It goes from shocking to disturbing to beautiful with such grace, you scarcely notice how intrigued you are until after you stare at it for three uninterrupted hours.

Thanks, Tiff!