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"Ice Station Housman," the Theme Song

It's the song of the (astronomical, not meteorological) summer! The new theme for Ice Station Housman is here and you can listen to it, you lucky dog you. 

The song came out of a morning in our office kitchen, when the idea of a rockin', Beach Boys-style theme song came swirling into my brain. I scribbled down the lyrics, recorded a rough track into my phone, then set about figuring out the instrumentation. 

The final track has some computer-generated drum loops; me on vocals, guitar, ukulele and hand-claps; and a pleasant roll of thunder at the end (to remind you how we get down at the Station). 

If you're some sort of music genius and want to help me sand down some of the edges, please let me know. And feel free to record your own version, if you have the chops!